Diet & Cooking Ideas

Cod Liver Sandwich

Healthy sandwich with plenty of proteins, fats, and nutrients. Built with sprouted multi-grain toast, broccoli sprouts, avocado spread with lemon juice, and Icelandic Cod Liver.

Simple Easy Exercises

Sitting is the new smoking.

Basics & Flow Qigong DVD Set

Learn the 18 Forms, 5 Elements, and 8 brocades beginner Qigong exercise DVD forms can be practiced at any age. Mimi gives detailed qigong instructions.

3 Easy Qi Gong Exercises

Lee Holden shows 3 easy exercises to energize, clear stress, and create flow to start the morning, break up the day, or relax into the evening.

Beginners Yoga with Adriene Mishler

I like to do a beginner’s practice after doing HIIT earlier in the day or morning. If you have an Amazon Prime account there’s a wide range of Yoga By Adriene available.

Tracking Health With Fitbit Charts

Healthy Weight Loss Chart

Tracking weight loss is important because there are so many of us overweight. I have set my goals and have a healthy diet to satisfy nutritional needs and an exercise plan that will not sacrifice health for weight loss.

Fitbit Cardio Fitness Score

The Cardio Fitness chart measures how well you use oxygen and cardiovascular fitness. Other factors taken into account are your weight and heart rate at rest.

Fitbit 4 Stages Of Sleep Tracker

The charts show the 4 stages of sleep each night and there are charts for our 30-day average and how we compare to others in our age group.

Resting Heart Rate

One of my favorite charts to follow to see how healthy my heart, blood circulation and ability of cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients.

Having Fun Being Healthy

Jack Kennard

Climbing the Palenque Ruins at 230 pounds in 2013. Currently I'm 204 and 18 pounds to go.