What Happens When Changing Your Diet

These are examples of what happens to your body and brain when you move from a sugar burning to a fat burning diet.

Simple Easy Healthy Cooking Ideas

Goji Berries

Adding Goji Berries to your diet is an easy way to supports the body’s immune system, brain, skin, and heart health with a nutritional powerhouse of nutrients.

Books & DVDs

Tracking Health With Fitbit Charts

Fitbit 4 Stages Of Sleep Tracker

The charts show the 4 stages of sleep each night and there are charts for our 30-day average and how we compare to others in our age group.

Healthy Weight Loss Chart

Weight Chart It looks like my weight loss has leveled out. But that’s OK, the main goal is better health so I don’t want to sacrifice health for weight loss.

Fitbit Cardio Fitness Score

The Cardio Fitness chart measures how well you use oxygen and cardiovascular fitness. Other factors taken into account are your weight and heart rate at rest.

Resting Heart Rate

One of my favorite charts to follow to see how healthy my heart, blood circulation and ability of cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients.

Fitbit Exercise and Activities Charts July 2020

Resting Heart Rate for July 2020 Cardio Fitness Chart 3 Month Chart Ending July 2020 There has been so much in the news about people staying at home and putting on weight over the last several months I wanted to show that does not have to be the case. I’ve talked to several members of […]